Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Mom...

My Mom is my pillar of strength...

I cannot say that she has been a perfect example of motherhood or she was always there for us ( my brother and I). But she, like all moms' has always wanted what is best for us..... although, her way of showing it has been different..... My mom was done with all the hugging, kissing and pampering by time we turrned five....

As I  was reaching adolosence....  I became a rebel of sorts... always arguing with her, for not letting me go out with my friends... for her barging in on my phone calls.... etc... and in the process of being a typical adoloscent I must say, I ended up hurting my mom a lot... I did not see her love for me.... I was blind....

Then, at the age of 21 I got married...As the days of the D- day were closing in, I started to feel a weight on my heart, I cried for leaving behind everything that belonged to me, my room, my memories........ then on my wedding day, I felt like I was hit by a bulldozer, cause until then the idea that I was going to leave mom and go had not seeped in.... other things yes, but not my mom....... May be the taught that I was leaving her, brought me closer to my mom....

Over the years, I got  to know her as a person and not just my mom, what were her dreams, her likes and dislikes... and I realised how much She has actually sacrificed for bringing us up.... The times when I felt mom's being unfair to me, she was actually worried for me.... She never praised us or bragged about us while other mother's would be bragging about their child's achievements..... but she was thrilled when others praised us...  there is so much I have learnt from her.... She taught me kindness and compassion.... She taught me to be independent.... Most of what I am today is because of her.....

Now, when I think back to my chilhood and adoloscent days, I realise Mom was always there..... without letting us know of her presence.... but she was always there... in her way doing what she thought was best for us...

That's my mom..... quietly showering her love on us..... without an extravagant display.....

Thank you mom for being you.......

I  LOVE YOU !!!! For Everything you are and Eveything you have been for me....


  1. Oh, Seema, your post left me with tender thoughts of my mother in my head. My mom was also not the type who was generous with her affections. I think she was more concerned about raising me than about showing her affection. In fact, there were times I thought my mother didn't love me, because I believed she was cruel and mean. But her "cruelty" was concern. She wanted me to be a good person, and most importantly, she wanted me to remain safe and unhurt. Of course, I didn't realize any of this until I grew older. My appreciation for my mother now cannot be measured. And I can relate entirely to your feelings on the day of your wedding... I got married when I was 32 and I had the same feelings.

    Mothers don't have to shower us with any extravagance to be expressing their love. Sometimes, though, in our childish tendency to always want the most out of everyone, we feel that extravagance is the "proof" of parental love. Not so, actually.

    Thank you for sharing this very personal thought, Seema. I enjoyed reading this. And I also want to thank you for your lovely visit to my blog earlier today, and for the thoughtful comment you left about my post. It is much appreciated, as are you.


  2. Dear Nevine,

    Thank you for your kind words.... It's nice to know and meet people from all over who share similar experiences...

    Thank you for dropping by my blog, it's much appriciated:)

    Cheers Always

  3. I love this post...I want to be what your mom was to you...I want to be like that for my girls.

  4. Dear Sarah,
    I am sure you are.... a beautiful person like you... must be a wonderful mom to your girls... I am sure....:)


  5. Beautiful tribute to your mother, I loved reading this.

  6. Thank's Zuzana, you are always generous with your comments....:)