Monday, February 15, 2010

Laughter in a small package...

             My daughter has learnt a few tongue twisters in her school..... and every night since, lying in her bed she practices them, and my son follows his sister in doing so..... and the result is we end up laughing our bellies out...
 And last night My little girl wanted us to pay her some attention, so both the dad and I, fixed our gaze on her, and she told the "Betty bought some butter......... " flawlessly..... we were impressed and gave her a bit of an applause.... a little while later she called out to me in the dark.... " mama, why didn't you laugh when I said it?" So, we made her say it again and we all laughed to make her happy....... even her little brother....:) And in return the forced laughter brought out the real laughter from us......                                                                                          I am grateful for such times........... My gratitude goes out to the small things in life that bring laughter and joy in our lives.....


  1. Well, the blog does look alive. Glad!!! This was a lovely post.

    Glad that you are active now.

    Joy always,

  2. I agree, life is all about simple pleasures and gentle moments in time.;)
    And what could be more beautiful than laughter or smile.;)

  3. Thanks Susan..... and yes Susan, I thought I should start facing the barriers that control me, so, I just thought let me write.... doesn't matter if it is not good, but I'll get back thereeventually with persistence...:) better than not writing all, wont you agree?

    Thanks Zuzana....
    What would we do without a smile or a laughter.... these are our stress busters.....
    and Smile can light up even a perfect stranger's day..